GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS is a german label for self made electronic music that started working in 2017 and is managed by Daniel Fassbender. GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS is designed to give professional and nonprofessional musicians the possibility to release self made electronic music that gained professional standard.


The label was founded to share the experience and the developments of the last 20 years in the field of electronic music to new talents and artists. Either way the label and the people who run it understand the music and after so many years also bring a wealth of experience in how to get their artists and releases in the right hands.


Constantly finding new music is what drives the label ...


The label works mainly in supporting musicians and producers who want to raise with a lot of creativity, energy and inspiration the electronic music to a new level. 


It is very important for the label to combine partially musical elements of the electronic music from the past with new inspirations and new musical approaches to give rise to something new or different.


GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS appreciate the opportunity to work with you. We want your music production career to be a success, and we want to grow and to succeed together with you.


Please feel free to send us your tracks. If they fit into our concepts we might be happy to release them. 


GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS discovers, develops and releases quality music!


So, everyone is invited to contact GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS.